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신들의 전쟁 War of Gods - KalOnline
18:42 Servertime Written By TranX

Dear KalOnline lovers,

since a long time we are working on this project and want to bring you a new kind of Highrate/Fun server.

This special private server has a maximum level of 110 + 10 reborns, it is a low/mid and highrate server depending on your level and Reborn Grade. In our world you will play a Halfgod, a hero that went on his adventure in midst a war between the gods - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Enjoy a research based greek mythology story line, a 100% custom world, hundreds of quests and unique monsters, and systems.

We put all our love for Kal and gaming into this server and hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Server Features

Artisan Crafting System

• Crafting upgrades for all Weapons and Armors
• Craft new type of Pets, Wings
• Craft new Accessories and Arrows, Orbs

Unseen Areas

• Many new custom areas
• Server and Party raids
• Instance Dungeon with different modes
• Rush the Doggebi - lords Throne with different modes


• PvP Tournaments with ladder Boards
• Triangular Battle on a new Map to match the player amount
• all Guild versus Guild Systems
• World Cup Events
• Battlefield


• Player Exp Event
• Unique Boss Hunting
• new Happy Hours
• Random Event system with Double Drops, Immortal, massive Animal Experience and more


• Realtime Bof/BoI/Imp/Damned/Blessed/Bermuda/Lotus/Pimping/DSS/Qigong/Perfo
• Talisman from Golden Coin merchant


• Realtime Skillbooks only for Passive Skills
• Partybuffs
• Third Job Skills + new Custom skills
• Unique Awaken Skills
• Completely new recalculated nonjob / 1st job / 2nd job / 3rd job /4th job skills

New Systems

• Reborn Areas
• Reborn Weapons
• Reborn Armors
• Family System (Button Y)
• Emote System (Button D)
• Collections (Button J)
• Title System (Button U)
• Battlepass with awesome Rewards (Button K)
• new AFK-Check system
• new summon system by killing normal monsters (%chance)
• Monsters do spawn Monsters system
• Arrows with AoE damage / debuffs on attacks
• Orbs for Mages with AoE Damage / debuffs on attacks
• Unlimited Potion system which is upgradeable and increase hp + mp at once
• Custom Guild-Raid system
• a whole new Tower of Priest (Hades) system
• Returning stones to safe a place and move back to it with simple command
• a serverwide unlock system (e.G. players have to collect items and have to kill bosses to unlock F10)



• Donations can be restored ingame when a reset happens due to a code which you get right after placed a donation from TranX

• will there be free donation coins in alpha or beta stage? NO, we hold it fair as possible.

2.Release Date

• there is no release date yet. as far we have a release date for our beta or official start, we will announce it. but the server is online and playable since 7 months!

3.Xtrap crashes my client

• we've investigated alot of time to make sure everyone can play, if you have a issue starting our Client or Xtrap does crash it, please make sure to not have any hacks/bots/autoclickers on your system and having a LEGIT atleast windows 7 version.

4. Free Donation Coins for GuildLeaders to join

ask that once and you're banned ingame / discord.